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Software Taking up the task of mailboxes data migration in bulk from Domino to Outlook is not a tough task can be done with ease thereby attaining great results in the end, provided you do not overlook certain requirements and carefully take note of those must-do things while migrating data in bulk from Domino to Outlook. Mail Migration Wizard is an awesome software solution that can be used for this purpose. But even if this tool is flawless in its work that doesn"t mean you don"t have to consider certain important things before moving forward with the migration using this tool. Below mentioned are certain things that one must be careful about while migrating mailboxes in bulk from Domino to Outlook: 1. Lotus Notes email client application should be properly installed and correctly configured. The first and foremost consideration is very logical and obvious. You must see that whether your Lotus Notes email client has been installed properly and configured correctly because if it not so then problems can creep in when you will start with the data migration from Lotus Domino to MS Outlook Exchange . This is certainly an important consideration that needs to be thought of seriously before you begin with the migration. Once the data is converted, it would need Outlook environment to be viewed, accessed and used; but the conversion to take place, you need to be very careful about the fact that Lotus Notes is properly installed and configured on your system where the migration has to take place. 2. System on which data migration has to be carried out should be connected with the Domino email server. Another aspect that needs your careful consideration is that the system on which you are planning to carry out the data migration from Lotus Domino to Outlook must for sure be connected to the Domino server. This is an important consideration for you to make before you finally begin with the actual task of migrating data from Lotus to Outlook. 3. You must grant admin rights to all the mailboxes (Domino) that have to be converted. One more of these important aspects considered beforehand include the granting of admin rights to all Domino mailboxes. As Lotus Domino is a server system so it needs admin rights to be given to mailboxes for their data to be migrated from there to elsewhere. 4. MS Outlook email application (32-bit version) should be properly installed and correctly configured with any of the POP3 profiles. Again for the migration it is imperative that Outlook application (its 32 bit version) must be accurately installed and properly configured with any POP3 profile. All these aspects are needed to be taking note of and considered well before you begin the migration task. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: