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58 second-hand car: car dealers rely on second-hand car market and the common development of auto – Sohu in September 6th, reporters visited the 58 group in the China Automobile Association under the leadership of the 58 group close to experience the warm and comfortable office environment. During the 58 group senior vice president He Mingke, China Automobile Association Deputy Secretary General Shen Rong, the 58 second-hand car operations operations director Chai Haifeng accepted the reporter group interview, in-depth study of the development mode of Chinese second-hand car industry. Recently, everyone has a new car and car easy to get a new round of financing, second-hand car electricity supplier after experiencing a brief downturn period seems to have a tendency to gradually warmer. In the second-hand car electricity supplier outlook is not clear, the model is still in the context of the debate, He Mingke, senior vice president of the 58 group and the reporter talked about his views. Market trends and capital is closely related to He Mingke said that the capital market from 2014 or so began to invest in the used car industry, in 2015 reached a peak. In recent years, the capital market to the second-hand car market has invested $2 billion, but later we found that this industry has a lot of problems, he began his bearish bearish, leading to second-hand car market suddenly went cold, and recently warming trend. Capital market is optimistic about the second-hand car market is due to its future increments and scale are very large. But investors are also very sensitive to come faster than you, run faster than you, the capital is very normal shock. Three views on the used car industry first, the growth and stock of the used car market is related, the growth will not be so fast, slow growth of 30% to 50% per year will be a normal. Used car market is not the same as the previous Internet electricity supplier, I feel that all of the growth below 50% is not a normal growth, the used car market may maintain a long-term growth of 30% to 50% per year. Second, the industry is very low frequency, before the Internet desperately advertising, subsidies, staking like play is not applicable. Third, the second-hand car is a need to focus on competition and investment in the industry, used car involves too many lines of service, from the pilot to the transition to the rear of the detection of financial security. After doing things very heavy, Internet Co may feel more difficult, which is the second half of this year, the secondary market suddenly began to turn cold important reasons. Competition between second-hand car electricity supplier is not a short-term blitz. The second-hand car model selection of general He Mingke believes that second-hand car business development model has two kinds: one kind is to rely on cars, second-hand car market development, the combination of online and offline mode; another is completely put aside the second-hand car dealer, a stand alone, completely closed loop pure electric business model. 58 second-hand car to take the first model, do the information platform model, do not participate in the transaction, just to help car dealers to do business, to help users choose the car, do not participate in the actual transaction. 58 second-hand car to common development, with the second-hand car market, He Mingke believes that there are two reasons, first, second-hand cars and real estate, all involving the issue of property rights, property rights means that you can not break away from the entities under the line service. Second, second-hand car prices are relatively high, and.相关的主题文章: