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During the national day visitors have to feel the "Pingtan blue Lan" — the travel channel during the national day, the weather, sunny weather improves the citizens play interest, the region’s major attractions rising popularity, tourists have to feel the "Pingtan blue haze". Colorful activities Australia before the town of Taiwan tourists, sea fishing square, the popular sculpture festival…… Each is a good place for tourists. The region received 224 thousand and 800 visitors from the Pingtan Tourism Development Bureau was informed that this year’s national day, the total number of tourists received a total of 224 thousand and 800 passengers, an increase of 22.7% compared with last year, an increase of 7. Total tourism revenue of about 85 million 430 thousand yuan, an increase of last year, with an increase of 41.27%. 3, the reporter to the altar South Bay area, I saw the beach tourists, crowded, and carrying tourists on the bus is still Everfount toward the altar South Bay to. At the same time, concentration of sea fisheries square is also a large number of tourists, leisure chairs on the square of the crowd like a All seats are occupied., winding black ribbon paved over sand. The staff of the Pingtan Tourism Development Bureau Wang said: "thanks to strengthen the propaganda of Pingtan international tourism island, and the" Pingtan international tourism island construction plan "recently approved," Pingtan blue "in the country’s visibility increased, compared with last year, the number of tourists outside the province have bigger growth haze this year, car tourists continue to become the region’s main tourism. In addition, Pingtan pension industry development results show, national day seven days, Pingtan B & B in short supply, become the first choice for accommodation of tourists." Wang said: "unlike in previous years, with the cultivation of rural tourism and intensive publicity, North Village, China’s color Village Stone House preserved village, Pingtan has become the emerging tourist destination." 7 days before the Australian town of Taiwan turnover of $4 million this year’s National Day holiday again before the Australian town of Taiwan to bring a new wave of people and markets. It is understood that in the past 7 days, the total consumption of the Australian town of Taiwan was $4 million 280 thousand. Australia has gradually become a small town in Taiwan has become a tourist must pass through the haze, during the national day maximum flow of 6800 people a day. Businesses are trying to use the National Day Golden Week crazy suction gold. In the way of product sales, businesses to full reduction, discount, launched promotional products and other ways to attract customers. While taking advantage of the golden week pushing candy, biscuits and other hot selling products, although the price has declined over the past, but the turnover is 7 higher than usual, 8 times." Australia before the town of Taiwan tin Mau food store manager Ou Songqing said. Many shops that are part of a single tourist consumption is very high. For example, Shang Li trade shops, during the national day, the average daily turnover of more than and 10 times more than usual. Many tourists single spending up to one thousand or two thousand yuan." Responsible person said Ling xi. Hot popularity even let some shops selling the product inventory in an emergency. Just over half of the National Day holiday, is trading shops Taiwan soy sauce has been sold out. "Before the National Day Tun 50 boxes of 300 bottles of soy sauce, 4 days out of stock." Ling Ling said. It is worth mentioning that, during the national day, Australia before the town of Taiwan also launched a sweepstakes, sand sculpture DIY, teeth clinic and other activities, bringing a wave of surprises for visitors, bring heavy holiday for the National Day golden week)相关的主题文章: