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Microsoft and Google to learn special skills by Apple or apple, Google and Microsoft Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 30th news behind in the competition, according to foreign media reports, last week, the IT community is truly exciting, Microsoft and apple has held a press conference for new products. Microsoft on Wednesday released a 28 inch Surface Studio – can be turned into a drawing board; Apple released a new version of the MacBook Pro notebook with Touch Bar on Thursday to play the role of different applications. Just 2 weeks ago, another Silicon Valley giant Google released Pixel smart phones, preloaded with the best artificial intelligence software Google Assistant. In addition to the direct competition with their respective customers, Microsoft, Google push new products are nothing special. In addition to iPhone almost all other smart phones are running Android software. Unlike previous Nexus Phones – most of the manufacturing and marketing efforts are responsible for third parties, including HUAWEI, LG and HTC, all of which are handled by Google Pixel. Microsoft’s situation is similar to Google, except for all the PC Mac running Windows operating system. Surface Studio is an attempt to get rid of Microsoft software advantages, cross-border hardware field. For Google and Microsoft, the impact of cross-border hardware to far more. This is the beginning of the sale of Intel’s own brand notebook, which angered Lenovo, HP and DELL similar. Intel would never do that. So, what prompted Google and Microsoft traditional, braving the risk and the most important customers turn into they are not familiar with the hardware field? From closed to open and closed to the disruptive technology in the study, Harvard Business School professor Clayton · Christensen (Clayton Christensen) through the observation of the intelligent mobile phone market, NOKIA, blackberry and other early pioneers of the pursuit of proprietary system, basically isolated from the outside world, so that external developers can not for their development and application platform. Although iPhone is a closed proprietary system, it is open to third party developers. Android’s idea is that the device will be open and modular. One of the advantages of open and modular design is that the company can focus on one aspect of the product, and other aspects of the work to be completed by other companies. This is also as a latecomer, Android smartphone market share can exceed apple iOS reasons. By offering free Android, Samsung, HUAWEI and Google to attract HTC giants for their help, and in the field of intelligent mobile phone can become a giant apple and meet as equals. In the Windows PC world, Intel production chips, DELL production computer, Microsoft developed Windows, Adobe development Photoshop software. The main features of Microsoft’s Surface Studio on Wednesday were the ability to work with visual artists, architects, and professional designers相关的主题文章: