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Guardiola cut the wrong person unfeeling: a play hit him smiling and crying Bravo goal Ibrahimovic was ripped sina sports 2-1 away win Manchester United, Guardiola once again from his old rival Mourinho on all 3 points. Of course, in addition to the game kuamut showdown, the biggest focus is just from Barcelona to Dinghaishenzhen — Bravo’s first show. Guardiola had insisted on abandoned Johat, stubborn to spend 20 million euros to bring Bravo to Manchester city. But this belongs to his first show, the melon handsome choice may not be right, the performance of the Chilean people can not be satisfied. The first half of the first half, Bravo is no test, but 28 minutes of the fighting, seems to do after foreshadowed. Over the top long after Blinder, mkhitaryan inserted the ball into the penalty area, Bravo attack, the other fell directly in the forbidden zone. "Daily Mail" that, if not the referee blew mkhitaryan offside, Manchester United will certainly get a penalty. Bravo bold attack conceded cause but Bravo still paid the price for his bold. At the end of the first half of the match, united front kick, Bravo leaping with stones hit together, rushed to dispose of the ball, Ibrahimovic seize the opportunity to play a stunning volley. British football legend Wardle Bravo commented: "without the other players on the ball, we can easily pudao." Manchester United legend Ferdinand directly that Bravo’s technical problems. Near the end of the first half, Bravo once again bold attack, Ibrahimovic free kick, United almost equalized perhaps is affected by the first half lost the ball, Bravo confidence at the beginning of the second half is still in a trance. Fifty-fifth minutes, the Chilean people pick stones pass back to face Herrera, rob, Bravo wanted to have a gorgeous spike, but unexpectedly hit. In front of the fire play, the ball rolling away from the body to see, Rooney is about to catch up with a ball shot, Bravo was forced to foot Feichan, Rooney shovel unprepared over. Such an embarrassing scene, Lineker quipped: "although fighting technology is not how, but at least technically ‘good’." He then tweeted quipped: "no.! Johat’s Turin lease is about to shorten." Bravo wanted to show that X indeed footwork errors, Bravo performance in this field for the first time many fans thought of Hart. The England international has Manchester City for ten years, and as a local goalkeeper, popular in England. In Hart’s Manchester City over war, fans in the audience shouted his name: "my heart is with you". Today, Bravo performance was criticized, fans will certainly miss Jo Hart Lewin. "Manchester Evening News" reporter Luckhurst said: "Bravo is not strong, the performance of the game is disastrous," said." "Sky Sports" quipped: "I do not know Hart in Turin after watching the game will not laugh?" Or we should say, in these circumstances, Johat see, I’m afraid is smiling cry. Perhaps, Guardiola)相关的主题文章: