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This set of 119 square meters of housing in the end who belong to? – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke net?? "housing transfer book" the authenticity of the case became the focus of the morning news reporter Zhang Jiaqi morning news reporter Li Donghua???? to buy a house, migrant couple decided to divorce, then the wife and the intermediary staff get married, in the process of completing all the purchase after the formalities, and then divorce and property card name, the couple remarried again. Surprisingly, after obtaining the production license, but can not stay, was accused of living in the house of the court, on the grounds that the original landlord had sold the house to him. Foreign couples won the first trial, but the verdict was negative and the court of second instance retrial, this is located in Minhang District Hongjing Road, 119 square meters of housing should belong to?        ?? the day before, the case of second instance court. ?? To buy a woman before remarriage?? Ms. Tang and her husband a section from the field to Shanghai to fight for more than ten years and has two children, although there are some savings, but because the account has been unable to buy a house. ?? 2013, at prices rising, the couple sit still, just doing real estate intermediary work friend Cheng for their recommended Hongjing road 368 get a Panmou listed for sale housing. Room card complete, lots are good, the couple decided to buy this house. At that time, just because of the introduction of the new real estate five, the couple decided to let Ms. Tang through divorce and Shanghai Cheng Cheng a way to get married again. In March 2013, Ms. Tang and Cheng signed a contract with the housing transfer. In the same year in June to get a real estate license, Ms. Tang and Cheng for a divorce, the real estate license is only one name. In August, Ms. Tang and a marriage. You want to stay?? but the defendant "malicious collusion"?? to complete all the purchase formalities, Ms. Tang family to move into a new house, but the house is also home to the original landlord Panmou friend houmou. In the face of a door of Ms. Tang, Hou out another situation. ?? Hou said, as early as 2005, Panmou has this house will transfer to him, not a loan, not only with the original houmou housing real estate license, Panmou also said in 2008 signed a "housing transfer book". Is it a room two sell? In this regard, Panmou insisted that he had just houmou and business contacts, so the house to borrow and residential real estate license, but also in order to facilitate the use of the need to prove, later had to ask for real estate license, but was rejected, in 2011, he re loss way to do a new card. Panmou said, Hou said the "housing transfer" is false, the above is not the sign of my signature. ?? Ms. Tang Hou asked the prosecution, moved out of the house, then houmou counterclaimed that Panmou and Ms. Tang and intermediary through fake marriage "malicious", Sue Panmou and Ms. Tang Trading. ? the two handwriting identification results were inconsistent. In 2015, the case was heard in a Minhang court. The court appointed the East China University of political science and judicial identification center on the "housing transfer book" for handwriting identification, issued by the "judicial expertise" of the identification;相关的主题文章: