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Wade said the surprise was fined: throat no malicious action!   sports Sohu; Beijing on October 30th news, reports from ESPN said in an interview today, talking about action due to throat was fined 25000 dollars, the Bulls star Dwayne – Wade said to respect the decision of the alliance, and that this action is not malicious. Chicago new season regular season opener against Celtic team, with Wade at the last minute of the three key points, the Bulls won the opener. Put the record three points, Wade is very excited to cut action. Because of this action, "lightning" to eat the first ticket of the new season. The fact is that Wade has already cut action Saturday made a public apology on twitter, but eventually fined $25000. "The union office called me and we talked to each other," Wade said. "I’ve been in the League for years and I’m expecting that they’ll call me. I told them on the phone that I didn’t mean anything." "When I calmed down, I knew I was going to be fine," Wade explained. All I have to do is take care of it and then move on." Wade did not participate in today’s shooting training, even if the beginning of the season, the 34 year old Wade knew he needed to protect his body. "The coach understood my decision and I learned a lot from the league," Wade said. "Although I didn’t take part in the training, I looked at my teammates and trained on the video. Psychologically, I’m with my teammates." Wade stressed, I am not 22 years old, can no longer be the same as before." For Wade, he wants to focus more on the game. Against the green army, for the first time on behalf of the home team played Wade played 32 minutes, scored a record of three points scored 22 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Today, the bulls will continue to return home court, the opponent is the pacers. (Jim)相关的主题文章: