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[] baby I filing up position clearance – Sohu comprehensive health after the two child policy implementation, filing difficult, difficult, difficult to check the bed…… , is the mother of many expectant fathers headaches. In the fourth quarter of this year, Beijing entered the peak period of pregnant women! "Health" gas station invited to the city health and Family Planning Commission, the elderly and maternal and child health services director Xi Shuyan: "baby what weapon filing customs clearance" the first one: pregnant women filing service center can solve archives city and District Maternal and child health hospital set up a service center for the area of pregnant women filing, filing difficulties of pregnant women, the the books according to the community grid docking coordination solution, there are still difficulties, step by step to the District, city service center to coordinate and solve the pregnant women filing, guarantee every pregnant women filing. Note: can cross file, but within the jurisdiction of pregnant women a priority according to the current fertility policy, does not exist can not cross filing issues. But there is an order, each district must ensure filing problems within the jurisdiction of the pregnant women, if there is a vacancy will be provided to pregnant women around. Second strokes: advance booking obstetric, "books" "Filing" two not mistake according to the Beijing municipal unified requirements, pregnant women to the hospital before filing shall handle the "maternal and child health records", because the books can only be handled after six weeks of pregnancy, the books put in obstetrics, may delay the timing of filing. Therefore, after the confirmation of pregnancy should be made an appointment in advance of six weeks of maternity. The majority of Beijing hospital can be diagnosed through the network registration booking and telephone booking, reservation network or telephone booking if you have this, most hospitals can also carry out on-site registration, but often need to line up. Note: pregnant women should advance to the residence of the community health service center to consult the documents needed to clear, as soon as possible for the mother and child health records. Time to build: pregnant women in pregnancy after 6 weeks (according to the first day of the last menstrual count) held by the medical institutions issued by the results of laboratory tests of hematuria, to the grassroots health service institutions. The third measure: choose the nearest hospital for pregnant women filing filing, "an important standard to the nearest principle" shall be the reference documentation. Nearby is not only brought convenience, more security. In the whole production process, pregnant women often need multiple trips to hospital, there are more than 10 times of routine check, so the "nearest" for filing, check and delivery are more convenient. Once in the course of pregnancy, there are some unexpected situations, can also be more timely to the hospital, increase the safety factor. In case there is a special case, Beijing also has a sound and mature referral mechanism, once found in the two hospitals have high risk factors for maternal, the hospital will be transferred to the corresponding pregnant women in hospital. For high-risk pregnant women to ensure timely delivery of relevant services. In addition to pregnant women referral mechanism, also set the baby’s risk of referral Easy Access, ensure medical admissions each district has a level of high risk pregnant women and babies. You can rest assured that pregnant women. Reprint statement: original content, copyright Beijing City radio welcome to share all! For reprint or cooperation call: 010-85011940 "I asked the doctor" public.相关的主题文章: