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He did not move! United are the evil wanton 37 feet to break – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive product without permission is forbidden) afraid of what! Just before the game with Burnley, Mourinho said at the press conference said: "recently, our record is not bad, 7 games lost 1 games, only in the Storck city team in the match I think we lost 2 points, that is we so far this season played a game best, create a lot of opportunities, but……" Did not expect, in the dream theater before facing the Premier League away poor defensive record of poor promoted, but Manchester United had a frustrated game. The Premier League three consecutive goals, the last time this problem is still in May 2015. Manchester United in October for the first and last two games is impressive, and the city of Storck a team battle the shot 24 times, hit 9 times, 13 times and the corner, rival 1-1 shake hands; did not expect today and Burnley team battle more exaggerated, 90 minutes of the game, Manchester United team shot 37 times hit the door, in the range of 11 times, up to 19 corner. According to the data statistics of OPTA, this is the 200304 season since the company began to do the statistics since Manchester United in the Premier League single game shooting times is one of the largest, the result is a dazzling white hand. That is to say in the last two Premier League home court game, Manchester United team shot 61 times, 32 times the corner, they only scored 1 goals and 2 points. According to the assistant coach Faria said, if the team do not create opportunities, that team’s offensive problems, but to create so many chances didn’t score can’t criticize players. But the fact is that Manchester United in the two home games is not a harvest of 2 points, but lost the score of 4 points. If the final blow to do better, so now is not the only 15 points in the United League table eighth, but with 19 points in the top six, and the leader of the team is 4 points, and Champions League qualification line just 1 points, but now……. 10 zhanba scored only 15 points in the Premier League era, only 2014-15 season, Van Gaal coached the first quarter over the same period when only 13 points is slightly better, but midway Moyers was booed off stage after the 10 round also got 17 points. Must admit that now for Burnley battlefield of former Manchester United player Heaton outstanding performance, he received the high low gear made 11 saves, the column and beam are respectively to block tower and Ibrahimovic threat shooting. But before the Manchester United do really is the pink of perfection? The fans fired to Mourinho, "he from a special, to an ordinary, then to a jobless." However, there are fans called on the team needs to be stable, because the United States after the Ferguson era has been frustrating enough, shouting dismissal of Mourinho is a typical ‘knee jump reaction’. Talking about the fans may forget before 1993, Manchester United, the team needs now is stable, rather than do change. Of course, if we want to play next season’s Champions League, UEFA Cup on whether Mourinho should be more careful?" The implication of Manchester impact the top four letter)相关的主题文章: