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Twenty-first Guangzhou Art Fair opened in December 2nd in the spring of 2016 Guangzhou art fair site, is the public exhibition. Reporter Liao Xueming photo (picture) Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Huang Dantong Wei Xiangyang) Guangzhou City Press and Publication Bureau said yesterday, by the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government hosted the Guangzhou City Press and Publication Bureau of the twenty-first session of Guangzhou International Art Expo, will be held in Pazhou on December 2nd ~5. According to organizers, the exhibition hall the size of nearly 30 thousand square meters, the site is divided into 3 exhibition hall (International Museum, museum, Museum of classical), 8 exhibition area, 12 thematic exhibitions and 5 forum activities, is expected to bring together 20 thousand pieces of art works from more than 350 art institutions in 35 countries and regions in the world the theme, including Chinese painting, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, printmaking, arts and crafts and other original works of art. The Guangzhou Art Fair in "art direction, art of life" as the theme, as an important benchmark in South China and observation the domestic art market, as well as the current Chinese largest, in the largest, most influential local art exposition, the twenty-first session of the Guangzhou art fair participation and influence once again break the record, a number of the previous Guangzhou art fair". Picasso’s first appearance at the art fair, from the United States, France, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Israel, Ukraine, Holland and other countries hundreds of overseas institutions outstanding art field with rival. It is worth noting that this year’s international exhibitors about the total proportion of 30%, including the prestigious Italy Polytechnic Institute in Milan, the United States LC art gallery, art gallery, the West Bank of the United States Swan Gu Don in France, the French Jean Michel Art Center and other hundreds of international art institutions full debut. The United States will carry the LC gallery by the New York Metropolitan Museum permanent collection, 3 million yuan worth of Picasso red print "luncheon on the grass" across the sea to Guangzhou, many pieces of fine ceramics Picasso is also supporting the exhibition, which is "luncheon on the grass" debut in asia. Guangzhou Guangzhou style to enhance aesthetic Renaissance art fair art director Peng Wenbin pointed out in an interview, "in today’s art market in Guangzhou, Guangzhou will greatly enhance the aesthetic Renaissance this millennium ancient style, art consumption will become popular in normal life. People used to spend tens of thousands of dollars spend a night in the hotel, but do not want to spend thousands of dollars to buy a piece of art home. With the improvement of the comprehensive cultural level of Guangzhou, the saturation of material life and the expansion of spiritual needs, the public’s pursuit and love of aesthetics will become more intense." Especially in the past two years, the aesthetic consciousness of all the people in Guangzhou is returning rapidly, and the enthusiasm of the public for spiritual consumption continues to rise, and the emerging art consumer goods market is emerging. Art is changing from an investment led market to a consumer oriented one, which is a very benign trend." He said. 1, "highlights aggregation The Belt and Road pinnacle of Art Exhibition" has been invited to Russia, Egypt, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and other 18 countries participating. Secondly, the opening of the first "Shuangcheng ideas" – Italy big 1 第21届广州艺博会12月2日开幕 2016春季广州艺博会现场,市民正在观展。记者廖雪明 摄(资料图片)   广州日报讯 (记者黄丹彤 通讯员魏湘洋)广州市文化广电新闻出版局昨天透露,由广州市人民政府主办、广州市文化广电新闻出版局承办的第21届广州国际艺术博览会,将于12月2日~5日在琶洲举办。   据主办方介绍,本届展馆规模近3万平方米,现场划分为3大展馆(国际馆、经典馆、收藏馆)、8大展区、12大主题展览和5大论坛活动,预计将汇集来自世界35个国家和地区逾350家艺术机构的2万件艺术原创作品,题材包括国画、油画、书法、雕塑、版画、工艺美术等原创艺术作品。   本届广州艺博会以“艺术风向・艺术生活”为主题,作为观察南中国乃至国内艺术市场的一个重要“风向标”,以及目前中国规模最大、参与人数最多、影响力最广的本土艺术博览会,第21届广州艺博会的参与度和影响力再次突破,创下了历届广州艺博会的多个之“最”。   毕加索名画首亮相   本届艺博会,来自美国、法国、意大利、俄罗斯、韩国、以色列、乌克兰、荷兰等国近百家海外优秀艺术机构精品同场争辉。   值得注意的是,今年的国际参展商约占总比例30%, 包括久负盛名的意大利米兰理工学院、美国LC艺廊、美国西岸画廊、法国斯万古董、法国让・米歇尔艺术中心等近百家国际艺术机构悉数亮相。其中美国LC艺廊将携带由纽约大都会博物馆永久馆藏、价值300万元的毕加索红陶版画《草地上的午餐》漂洋过海到广州,毕加索的多件陶瓷精品也配套展出,这也是《草地上的午餐》首次亮相亚洲。   美学复兴提升广州格调   广州艺博会艺术总监彭文斌接受采访时指出,“纵观今日广州的艺术市场,美学复兴将大大提升广州这座千年古城的格调,艺术消费将成为大众的生活常态。以前大家情愿花上万元在酒店消耗一夜,却不愿花上千元买件艺术品回家。而随着广州这座城市的综合文化水平提升、物质生活饱和、精神需求扩大,大众对美学的追求与热爱也会愈加强烈。”   “尤其是近两年广州全民的美学意识在快速回归,大众对精神消费的热情持续高涨,新兴的艺术消费品市场正在形成。艺术正在以投资为主导的市场,转为消费主导,这是非常良性的趋势转变。”他说。   亮点集结   1、“一带一路巅峰艺术邀请展”   目前已成功邀约到俄罗斯、埃及、泰国、韩国、马来西亚等18个国家参与其中。其次,开启首届《双城・思路――意大利(米兰)与中国(广州)文化相遇之设计大赛》。   2、南北交流联动三大主题展      国内第一大微拍机构微拍全球举办主题展《破冰风暴》。由15位北京青年写实艺术家组成的《北京青年写实艺术家邀请》、由上海大朴堂画廊主办的艺术与葡萄酒的跨界主题展《艺术家的葡萄缘――葡萄酒文化名家油画展》以及《赣鄱丹青――江西科技师范大学美术作品展》。   3、五大本土主题展昭显岭南文化魅力   岭南工艺美术馆主办《岭南九遗工艺美术大师联展》;文理一堂主办《岭南文脉――当代中国画作品展》,推出关山月、黎雄才、杨之光等已故老一辈艺术家作品,以及当今岭南20多名艺术家的新作品或代表作,共话岭南画派的血脉传承;《百龙拥粤――中国顶级崖柏邀请展》是广州艺博会史上最大规模的崖柏主题展;小洲艺术区几十位广东漆画艺术家参与的《漆情画艺――小洲漆画艺术主题展》;艺博会组委会联合知名品牌主办的《跨界・风尚――亚洲艺术盛典》。   责任编辑:GDN021相关的主题文章: