Beauty chat drive running yellow lights 1 12 thousand false start (video) 女f4

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Beauty chat drive running yellow lights 1 / 12 thousand false start yesterday was the last day of the National Day holiday, a Yubei airport of a company’s white-collar Beauty She was very depressed, she drove to chat with bestie, at a crossroads took the yellow traffic lights at the last second, the results lead to a traffic accident she was not only the Traffic and patrol police, severely punished according to law, and compensation for economic losses of 12 thousand yuan each other. Located in the airport road, the scene, a red Ford car and a white Changan goods vehicles collided and hit the front left Ford car was severely deformed, the headlights debris scattered on the ground, Changan commercial vehicle tyre has serious scratch on the right side of the body, serious deformation. A beautiful driver pale, crying, tears, trembling all over. Fortunately, the two car with 3 occupants, were not injured. Police on the two parties to conduct a driver’s breath alcohol test and drug driving test, excluding the suspect after drinking and drug driving. After investigation, Ford car driver Anke, work at the airport of a company, the National Day her a few days before they are on duty, hard to turn her to rest, she is very happy, a comfortable sleep at noon nap, woke up together to offer bestie Tingting fungus town farmhouse to drink chicken soup. For a long time and did not meet bestie, along the way, two people, more than chat topic refurbished mad. When she was driving to the airport road, Ms. Ho and bestie recalled in the Lijiang tourism situation last year, while her into the picture, her car is on a crossroads, two people chat too attentively, she paid no attention to the green light has become yellow light, what the lady saw last seconds will flash a red light, with no consideration for the brake pedal, directly rushed past, she wanted to jump start the last second crossroads. Just when she entered the intersection of the center, to turn left to a Changan (unsold) goods vehicles also after the green light, speeding to the crossroads. Two car three or four meters apart, they quickly braked, hit the steering wheel to avoid, but the speed is too fast, the distance is too short, just listen to "bang" sound, the car shaking violently, Ms. Ho and sitting in the copilot position bestie a rock body, the head hit the windshield, two people hit fell off 20molecules, standing instability, double slumped on the ground. The assessment by the insurance company, Ms. ho car repair cost more than 15 thousand yuan, and hit Changan commercial vehicle repair costs, depreciation charges totaling more than 12 thousand yuan. The accident was due to distracted driving, Ms ho running yellow lights cut caused by the full responsibility for the accident by her. She had to assume their repair costs, the cost of 12 thousand yuan each, also borne by her. The police were severely criticized for MS ho when driving distracted chat, do not pay attention to the traffic lights, and has carried on the safety education. At the same time, according to the "Regulations" the implementation of the People’s Republic of China " on the road traffic safety law; forty-second flash warning lights for the continuously flashing yellow light, suggesting that the passage of vehicles and pedestrians should look at, to confirm the safety of the. " the provisions of MS Ho was sentenced to 6 points, a fine of $200 penalty. Video disaster相关的主题文章: