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Taylor: love break blasting hiddleston walk too fast like a tornado, entertainment channel, original title: love go too fast like a tornado three months ago, Taylor (Taylor Swift?) and Tom (Tom hiddleston?) love news let the world shock three shock and we are still immersed in "what, my God that was robbed!" Or "killed also can not think of shaking Sen and mildew will walk together, a little bit of no preparedness in the mood, not slow too hard". Blink of an eye, the two broke the news broke up. At present, the parties do not have any position, but the circle of friends fried. The source of the message is not known to be unreliable, so it is a mystery. Of course, the premise is to make groundless accusations some traces. According to the informant said, "Taylor felt hiddleston of two people love too high-profile, let yourself feel very uncomfortable". Earlier, James Taylor was invited to join the Emmy, but she suspected the date motivation is justified. Tom hopes that the relationship between the two high-profile public, and even invited Taylor to accompany him to the Emmy, but Taylor hopes to retain a relatively low-key private life." Indeed as expected, male god harvester mildew. If the informant said, Taylor is not willing to accompany Tom to Amy, unwilling to high-profile, it is worthy of praise her power capital. There is such a handsome boyfriend don’t want to go out in public, with not a big loss. However, look back to shake the forest and mildew this love, there are many suspicious. For example, the juelian created a new brush, Yan value fame height of love in the beginning is "honey" feeling. Just published romance in those days, Taylor and James Taylor almost inseparable, and former boyfriend Calvin? Harris broke up shortly after, with Tom came together, two people around the world can be described as romantic envy others, went to the United Kingdom, Italy and Australia, also visited the United States and Rhodes island Nashville. Two people in the beach that one, do not know if that is BBC film, you could, with a good hand of dog food. However, the food will be broken for. Someone will smell. For example, from the late July, the exposure rate of two people is greatly reduced. Taylor when he stayed in New York, Tom and Chris in the Australian film "Thor Hemsworth? Partner 3: Twilight of the gods" shooting. In July, James accepted the "Hollywood reporter" interview also insisted that two people are not "couple", "Taylor and I really love, and we are very happy," he said: "this is a fact, not what a PR stunt." But at the same time, radar online network broke the news that two people are in the dangerous period, because hiddleston feel like with Taylor around the "vase", "she complained of a control freak, what should the tube, all occupy a leading position". Then the insider with very positive tone, said, "Tom can’t stand a mockery of feeling, and has told Taylor, if her attitude did not turn 180 degrees, they would not hold out." This "lightning" love seems to be experiencing a crisis. But they were happy to see their male god return to the bachelor相关的主题文章: