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Henan Shenqiu: garbage collection for a special gift — Environmental Protection — people.com.cn original title: garbage collection for a special gift of "eleven" during the golden week, Shenqiu County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province in the area of the spots in the garbage for "cultural gifts" activities: when tourists into the area, will release a garbage bag, they only the journey the garbage in the garbage bag to bring out the scenic spots, can exchange free gifts in the area outside the set of cultural exchange, in order to strengthen tourists civilized consciousness, also took the opportunity to promote Shenqiu’s cultural name card. "I’m a tiger, a tiger for steamed bun Gu." In October 4th, in Shenqiu County of the Huai park entrance area, tourists Zhang Hao in exchange for a "cultural gift in the hands of their own garbage". According to the Shenqiu County Tourism Bureau He Hangzhou introduction, this year’s cultural gift is QianZiWen album and Gary bun. Because Shenqiu is the "thousand characterclassic" author Zhou Xingsi’s hometown, and the Huai Park within the scenic area has QianZiWen square, "thousand characterclassic" is Shenqiu’s special cultural symbols; Gu and steamed as provincial intangible cultural heritage, it has been 400 years of history, especially the "Twelve Xiao" series, other true to life. Highly collectible. "Such a cultural taste gift, let us think of the trip to Shenqiu is really value." Zhang Hao’s father believes that this can not only allow children to understand the true meaning of civilized tourism, but also allows them to further understand the local culture of the new approach is worth promoting. The Huai park scenic staff said: "before the holidays increased number of tourists, is full of garbage, trampled lawn like, pick flowers and There are plenty of people who. This year, Shenqiu, through the development of garbage for cultural gifts’ activities, and actively strengthen the promotion of cultural tourism, scenic uncivilized behavior greatly reduced." (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: