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The Fed’s hawkish stance is still questioned by Yellen and then the expansion of the Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong network August 25th hearing – Wednesday (August 24th), the dollar index edged up 0.25% to 94.77. The 4 hour chart, 94.50 psychological barrier near the fierce competition, the price several times the price before the breakdown, short failed to build price follow up a victory with hot pursuit, breaking the downward pressure line, double bottom shape or are building. However, due to the United States announced in July home sales data is not expected, coupled with this Friday (August 26th) will be held in the global central bank annual meeting there are many uncertainties, resulting in the dollar is limited.   the United States housing market is not loose according to the latest report, said the United States in July, home sales fell more than expected, the four months before the end of the momentum of rising.   Real Estate Brokers Association (NAR) data released on Wednesday showed U.S. home sales in July fell 3.2%, at an annual rate of 5 million 390 thousand, analysts estimated July home sales fell 0.4%, annual rate of 5 million 510 thousand. While home sales in June after a revised increase of 1.1% at an annual rate of 5 million 570 thousand. This review of Reuters said in 4 consecutive months after the beautiful growth, U.S. home sales in July the data less than expected, mainly due to the housing stock is limited, buyers not much choice, but the price is still on the rise, indicating that the real estate market fundamentals remain strong; in addition, because the job market is better, the salary level rise, the decline is only temporary material. * * hawks camp and then the expansion of the Dallas Fed President Kaplan said recently that the Fed is close to the interest rate for time, including meeting next month, any time the Fed policy meeting may have decided to raise interest rates. Three officials last week the Fed has included three figures, New York Fed President Dudley issued a similar hawkish remarks.   in an interview with Japan’s Nikkei news interview, Kaplan predicted that this year the U.S. GDP growth rate of slightly less than 2%, the unemployment rate will continue to decline, he hopes that inflation will rise slightly. If these expectations are met, he believes that the withdrawal of some easing is appropriate". Kaplan said he would avoid guessing the timing of interest rates, to see more data and information, which will affect the timing and magnitude of interest rates. "But I am confident that we are approaching a time limit for partial easing." Yellen has a global central bank policymakers position doubts this Friday will gather in Wyoming Jackson · Holzer, the focus of the basic focus on Fed chairman Yellen’s speech. Investors are expected to provide guidance for the fed to raise interest rates next time. The Fed has nearly 10 years of the first rate hike in December last year, this year has so far been halt the troops and wait. The latest federal funds rate futures prices, the market is expected to raise interest rates next month, the Federal Reserve policy meeting is 18%, December相关的主题文章: