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Experts: some small and medium-sized parks in Shanghai city can try to open 24 hours gradually. Hyde Park is the city card of London. Central Park is the city card of New York. Which park can be used as the city card of Shanghai? The sixth issue "SEA-Hi" was held yesterday!" On the forum, Professor Da Yoshito of the school of ecology and environmental science, East China Normal University, said that the central city type of small and medium-sized parks can try to improve the open way, become more public, tourists like the public space, to create a new city card. At present, there are 165 parks managed by two level greening departments in Shanghai city and district. Since 2011, Shanghai has increased the number of parks open at night to increase year by year. By 2015, 75 parks (including 19 public green spaces) extended the opening hours from July 1st to September 30th, and the public green spaces were open 24 hours. Commissioned by the Shanghai City Park Management Center, last year, Professor Da Liangjun of the school of ecology and Environmental Sciences, East China Normal University, led the team to carry out the project "research and analysis of visitors’ and managers’ needs for extended opening hours". On the forum, Liang Jun introduced the survey, visitors need to park at night to extend the opening time of visitors accounted for 35% of the total number of visitors, 56 years old and above accounted for 67.6%, 75.6% in the evening to park visitors living near the park. For visitors to the park at night, the main problem is in lighting, security, monitoring, warning and other aspects of the deficiency, 39.8% of visitors believe that the night park lighting system needs to be improved. Abroad, many popular parks are open public spaces without walls to meet the needs of citizens and tourists for leisure, fitness and so on. In Shanghai, the new park can consider building 24 hours open park, the center of the city type of small and medium-sized parks can improve the way of opening." Da Liang Jun suggested that the park should be aimed at extending the opening time conditions, safety problems, on the one hand to speed up the transformation of the park, and the implementation of local open part of the park, part of the professional park can be divided according to the amount of tourists, seasonal opening hours, the general types of small and medium-sized scale Park try to gradually open the wall, even open 24 hours. However, this attempt is unlikely to be realized in a short period of time. "SEA-Hi"! The forum "to provide an ideological innovation and wisdom bloom space for every love Shanghai Master, since last June since the forum curtain, has attracted a lot of concern for the development of Shanghai city designers, writers, photographers, artists, running enthusiasts from all walks of life to share experience, for a better future in Shanghai with their own wisdom. Shanghai: Zhongshan Park open all day cited controversy 70% netizens believe that waste of resources 160703 (this video is only extended) move fingers, at any time to inquire traffic violations! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw) welcomed the attention the Xinmin Evening News, WeChat official micro signal: xmwb1929 or download the Xinmin Evening News APP

专家:沪部分城区中小公园可尝试逐步24小时开放 海德公园是伦敦的城市名片,中央公园是纽约的城市名片,哪座公园可以作为上海的城市名片?在昨天举行的第六期“SEA-Hi!”论坛上,华东师范大学生态与环境科学学院教授达良俊表示,中心城区一般类型中小规模公园可以尝试改善开放方式,成为更多市民、游客喜欢的公共空间,打造新的城市名片。目前,上海市、区两级绿化部门管理的公园共有165座。从2011年以来,上海延长夜间开放时间的公园逐年增加。到2015年,有75座公园(含19个公共绿地)在7月1日至9月30日延长开放时间,公共绿地则是24小时开放。受上海市公园管理事务中心委托,去年,华东师范大学生态与环境科学学院教授达良俊带领团队进行了“延长开放时间的公园游客及管理者需求调查与分析”的项目研究。论坛上,达良俊介绍了这份调查,需要公园晚上延长开放时间的游客约占公园游客总量的35%,56岁及以上的占到了67.6%,75.6%晚上去公园的游客居住在公园附近。对夜间来公园的游客来说,认为最主要的问题还是在照明、安防、监控、警示等方面存在不足,39.8%游客认为夜间公园照明系统需要改善。“国外,很多受欢迎的公园是没有围墙的公共开放空间,满足市民、游客的休闲、健身等需求。在上海,新建公园可以考虑建24小时敞开式公园,中心城区一般类型的中小规模公园可以改善开放方式。”达良俊建议,公园延长开放时间应针对条件限制、安全隐患问题,一方面加快园区改造,并对一部分公园实施局部性开放,部分专业性公园可以根据游客量分季节、分时段开放,一般类型中小规模公园尝试逐步打开围墙,甚至24小时开放。不过,这一尝试短时期内恐怕无法实现。“SEA-Hi!论坛”为每一位爱上海的达人提供一个思想创新与智慧绽放的空间,自去年6月论坛启幕以来,已吸引了一批关心上海城市发展的设计师、作家、摄影师、艺术家、跑步爱好者等各界人士分享经验,为上海更美好的未来贡献自己的智慧。 上海:中山公园全天开放引争议 七成网友认为浪费资源 160703 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw) 欢迎关注 新民晚报官方微信 微信号:xmwb1929 或下载新民晚报APP相关的主题文章: