I will have a quilt ready by the end of the week. I might even add some intricate embroidery quilting designs to make a very special blanket for this very special baby girl 媳妇的全盛时代中文版

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Writing-and-Speaking My husband works in a career field populated with many young men (and some women) who are of the age to begin families. Since I enjoy making quilts, and because I believe that every child deserves a homemade blanket, I used to make a quilt for each family upon the birth of their first child. With 100+ families in the department, my busiest year included 80 baby quilts! Hubby was happy that I would do this for him. Pretty soon, some of the families would request quilts for additional children or grandkids. When my generous husband finally realized that each of these quilts cost about $50 just for materials, he realized that it wasnt just my time that was so valuable. In making quilts that one year, the fabric and batting easily topped $4,000. While I was trying to find time to stitch my own projects, hubby started selling my quilt-making services. I just wanted to scream! Right now, there is a lot of interest in bedding that includes machine embroidery quilt designs. In addition to traditional quilting, this type of quilt embroidery adds an elegantly cozy touch to the bedroom. And, just as with traditional quilting, those who want the products still dont understand the true cost. Honestly, that seems to be a universal truth no matter what type of art is involved. When my husband started selling my quilt-making services, it was an eye-opener. Many of my new customers would offer a payment that didnt even cover the materials purchased at a discount store. When I added in my costs for time and overhead, apparently I was a crazy person. I heard the words I can get it for so much less at this store. While my skill and artistry were what they were truly interested in, that didnt go so far as feeling that I should be paid properly. When embroidery quilting is involved, it is even worse. First, the quilting supplies for quilt embroidery cost so much more! The time needed to complete the project is double and different, more intense, techniques need to be used to create a quilt to my high standards. Because quilt embroidery is cheaper at Big Department Store than traditional quilts, my reluctant customers dont understand that quality is the standard they should be looking at. Its quite frustrating. Ive written several times that I dont do production work. This is the major reason why. I dont mind absorbing all the costs when Im making quilts as gifts. But, I shouldnt have to do so when someone contracts a quilt with me. I dont like being treated like a thief or having to explain that what I do is very skilled work well worth more than the minimum wage. Since I quilt for enjoyment most of the time, this much frustration wasnt worth it! A few months ago, hubby told me that one of his Greek co-workers had just become a new father. Did I have any quilts available? As it happens, I had one last boy-themed quilt ready to go after a quick washing. This kilt was a huge hit. The joy in Papas face was all the payment I needed. When the department secretary asked how much I would charge to make a bed quilt for her daughter, including quilt embroidery, I made up a huge dollar amount, knowing that she would balk at it. Luckily I was right. I dont do production work! This morning, hubby told me that another co-worker had just adopted a baby girl. He already knew that I dont have any quilts in reserve, but he also knows that I was adopted at the same age. Because this is of special significance to me, I will have a quilt ready by the end of the week. I might even add some intricate embroidery quilting designs to make a very special blanket for this very special baby girl! If youre a fiber artist that feels spread too thin and taken advantage of, please do yourself a favor and learn to say NO. If thats as hard for you as it is for me, just do what I did. Price yourself out of a commission. If the person still insists that you make something for them, you will be very well compensated for it! Enjoy! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: