the task of finding training and tracking one’s dog or dogs has become a whole lot easier and convenient 张稀哲低调大婚 快递96件丢42件

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Writing-and-Speaking A well-trained dog or an alpha dog is something that is desired by everybody. If you go for hunting often and you want to have an extremely reliable and obedient sporting dog then you are going to have to invest in certain accessories to make it possible to train your dog. One such useful accessory would be the tracking and training collar for dogs manufactured by Garmin. This is a proven gear that can help you train your dog better and it features the Tri-Tronics dog training technology which allows you to instantly track the location of your dog through the GPS system and instantly correct them, even when they are far away from you! One of the dog training and tracking collar by Garmin is called Apha. The Garmin Alpha collar comes with a highly sensitive GPS tracking technology that has a range of up to 9mi. This collar can be used for tracking a maximum of twenty dogs! Features like the pulse, tone and momentary/continuous stimulation (up to 18 levels of the same) of the Garmin Alpha collar enables the owner to train his/her dog(s) in the most pristine manner. The Alpha dog training and tracking collar is a whole lot better and more improved than the Astro training collar. While the Garmin Astro collar has a range of 9 mi, can report the dog’s status and be used for training up to ten dogs only, the Garmin Alpha collar can do a lot more. For example: it can be used for training up to a maximum of twenty dogs and has features like remote correction, buddy tracking, touchscreens and pre-loaded maps! One of the unique and impressive features of the Garmin Alpha collar is the ‘Geofences’ feature. This feature keeps the dog or dogs in the hunt and prevents them from getting into hazards such as a residential area or highways. With the help of this cutting edge dog collar, you can set your dog’s geofence limits and prevent them from straying beyond the border/limits set by you! The Garmin Alpha collar is not just meant for your dogs but it can also multi-task and perform the function of a mobile device for the purpose of texting your hunting friends. The collar comes with a set of preloaded text messages which say "Nice shot", "Slow down", "Game spotted", "Caution: others nearby", etc. You can send these messages to other Alpha collar units in order to alert/notify your fellow hunters. The topo map used by the Garmin Alpha collar is the US 100K maps. These maps are extremely detailed and vivid; moreover, because of the fact that these maps are very common, people find it easier to place their dogs since they are working with a familiar topographic setting. Apart from the collar, one can also shop for complementary accessories that can be used to enhance the tracking and training system. Some examples of such accessories would be vehicle mounts, replacement handheld devices, long range antennas that are portable, BirdsEye Satellite imagery, etc. Thus, thanks to the advancement in terms of technology and companies like Garmin, the task of finding training and tracking one’s dog or dogs has become a whole lot easier and convenient! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: