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360 cloud disk: SkyDrive Internet service shut down shut off the truth behind the 360 cloud disk officially shut down that night, Baidu cloud disk lying in a gun. The evening of October 20th, SkyDrive officially announced the 360 distance service shut down in less than an hour, the Baidu cloud disk will shut down immediately spread rumors. From the beginning of last year, along with the personal cloud service providers one after another shut down, Internet users have to a state of extreme nervousness. state. 7 months 8 cloud disk adjustment service "2011.11.11 century’s holiday cloud line, in 20 days when 2016.10.20 reached the age of 5 to stop the service. Originally, we are still looking forward to the 5 anniversary of it, thinking about what to do to celebrate the page. The results were suddenly received this week…… The next step is to prepare a line interface, have mixed feelings." 360 cloud disk release stop personal cloud disk service announcement that evening, signed "cloud server" users in the know almost anonymous wrote, nostalgia shows between the lines. 360 cloud disk is in March this year, after the closure of cloud disk tide, announced the adjustment of cloud disk business of eighth cloud service providers. In March this year, the national pornography office announced the 6 cloud disk (SkyDrive) using the sales account and password to spread pornographic information for profit cases, 360 cloud disk, SkyDrive, SkyDrive and other 115 LETV named, then 115, SkyDrive, UC SkyDrive to suspend part of the function. April, micro disk, fast disk has announced that it will stop the storage of ordinary users. In May, the Tencent announced the closure of cloud file transfer station function. In May 3rd, HUAWEI announced that SkyDrive will gradually stop related services. June, Sina micro disk off free personal storage services. 360 cloud disk shut down very suddenly. October 19th part of the 360 cloud disk users reflect, the client can not play video, showing that the network is not available, please try again later". Official reply said in 360 communities, is being verified and resolved. October 20th 10:30 or so, 360 cloud disk client video playback. However, who also did not expect, October 20th 17, 360 officially released "360 cloud service transformation announcement, officially announced the cessation of personal cloud services. After the thunder fast disk, Kingsoft disk, sina HUAWEI, SkyDrive micro disk have announced the closure of personal services, announced the closure of 360 cloud disk services, causing all users of collective complaints. After all the available SkyDrive service has become less, Baidu SkyDrive also became the most widely covered users of SkyDrive services. However, shortly after the announcement of the 360 cloud disk, the Internet came out of a so-called Baidu aspects of the announcement, claiming that Baidu cloud will be closed in December 31, 2016, free of charge for storage of individual users. This news, instant explosion, TechWeb was the first time to contact Baidu PR people, get back to Baidu, SkyDrive will be as in the past to provide users with personal cloud storage services, and continue to crack down on piracy, pornography and other content, take more advanced technology to ensure that users Lei相关的主题文章: