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Business Just a few years ago, I didn’t even realize that I could make enough money with an email autoresponder to replace my job and let me work from home (or abroad) for the rest of my life. And I never would have believed that I would be pulling in over 3 million a year because of what I now know about making money with an email autoresponder! But it’s true. I live in a brick "tudor style" mansion in Vermont, have already traveled to the Cayman Islands this year, and plan to travel to Asia at the end of this month…all because I know how to pull money out of an email autoresponder, like gold from a mountain stream. Of course, at this point I have many more than 3 ways of making money with my email autoresponder, but the following 3 tips should give you an idea of how you could be doing this, too: Email Autoresponder Moneymaking Method #1 Send a message through your email autoresponder out to your list of subscribers (I can show you how to build one if you don’t own one already) selling a product you have created. For example, today I am sending an email out selling a $500 course, and all of the sales will .e directly through my email autoresponder, at $500 a pop. This is one of the most direct ways to make money with your email autoresponder. But, if you’re lazy and don’t want to have to go to the effort of making a product of your own, then you can try… Email Autoresponder Moneymaking Method #2 Send a message through your email autoresponder selling a product created by someone else that you know. This is .monly referred to as an "affiliate mailing." I actually do this every other day or so, and it can pull in thousands of dollars a day when I send to the right offer though my email autoresponder (you can learn how to look for the best offers and skip the duds). One of the messages I am sending out through my email autoresponder today, in fact, is for a very good buddy of mine, for a product that sells for $97 apiece. Since I get 50% of the sales just for sending out through my email autoresponder, I make about $47 for each sale. And all I do is send one email! Email Autoresponder Moneymaking Method #3 Send an offer through your email auotresponder for a membership to a product, course, or exclusive club. This is a great way to make ongoing, rather than one time in.e through your email autoresponder. If you use this method, you can send out one message through your email autoresponder one day, and then be getting paid for the ongoing subscriptions you sell months down the road, continuously. And believe me, there is nothing nicer than knowing that the dinner you just bought at a restaurant was paid for by one subscription that you sold months ago, and is still paying out recurring in.e to you! So there are 3 ways that I use, and you can too, if you learn how – to make money with your email autoresponder. There are even ways to set it up so that you don’t even have to send out an email at all, because your email autoresponder knows when you want to send it out and just sends it for you! You can find out how I set up my system so that my email is sending message out to make money for me on autopilot by clicking the link in the paragraph below. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: