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Sports-and-Recreation When it .es to playing Cricket, alot of people focus on fixing their batting and bowling skills before any match. Yet players tend not to focus on their fielding all that much which can really be the difference between a successful and losing side. It is great fielding that will help towards taking those special wickets either by taking a run out opportunity, or by taking a essential catch and even saving alot of runs. We will discuss some very efficient fielding practices that can help with improving your fielding techniques. Slip Catch Exercise A fielder in the slips needs to have pretty good reflexes when it .es to taking catches that .e to them. An impressive slips catching drill requires a few players. One throwing the ball, another holding a cricket bat and the remaining players are there for catching the ball. The idea is for the person holding the cricket bat to alter the angle of the bat on each throw such that the ball deflects to different players that are preparing to catch the ball. This is an effective drill to recreate a catch in the slips. Fielding Exercise For this drill, a wicket keeper is close to the stumps, a player holding the bat ready to hit the ball in the outfield, and several players queued in a line available to field the ball. The idea here is for the wicket keeper to throw the ball to the batsmen, this batsmen then smashes the ball out into the outfield and the fieldsman that is first in line chases and tries to take an outfield catch. This fieldsman then gets the ball and throws the ball over the stumps to the wicket keeper and goes to the back of the queue. There can be several variances to this exercise, but this is a good example of high catching and throwing. These are just two cases of fielding drills to improve your fielding skills. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: