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Suning transition to the Internet retailer   the six big industries debut — home — people.com.cn original title: Suning transition to the Internet retailer six big industries debut in August 30th at the Su Ningzhi summer party, for the first time in retail, real estate, finance, sports, cultural and creative, six industrial investment phenomenon appeared at the same time. To some extent, this also means that in the past 20 years, Suning completed the transition from professional retailers, integrated chain retailers to Internet retailers. It is understood that in 2010, suning.com officially launched; 2013, Suning renamed Su Ningyun, and released the "one, two wings, three cloud, four side" strategy, adhere to the retail nature, focusing on the layout of O2O and open platform, object cloud, data cloud, cloud financial resources comprehensive will be open to the society, to build ecological circle win-win. On the evening of the same day according to Su ningyun released half year results, the first half of this year the company achieved a total operating income of 68 billion 715 million yuan, of which the Internet business growth rate as high as 80.31%, social logistics revenue grew 153.98%, the scale of financial business transactions overall with an increase of 130%. On the day of the party, Suning Holding Group Chairman Zhang Jindong to the O2O innovation model, Internet financial innovation mode, Suning culture O2O football club professional management innovation, strategic innovation, investment and financing mode of logistics automation project, IT innovation project 12 innovation project issued a total amount of 10 million yuan of "Internet Innovation Award", including two tesla. In the transition to the Internet retailers overweight in the direction of efforts. Day of the party, Suning through the form of the program, to show the outside world in the retail, real estate, finance and other six aspects of the planning and layout. For example, in the financial sector, Suning financial payment through the rich scene, exploring O2O mode, improve risk control, financial management, raise public interest rate to launch soccer treasure, Suning consumer loan, and willful willful and enjoy the tour and other innovative products, to create a one-stop service platform for financial innovation. As of June 2016, Su Ningjin service easy to pay 140 million registered users, enterprise customers exceeded 50 thousand. In real estate, Suning real estate this year to create a "Internet plus" apartment — Zijin Jia Yue, has become a national market, the highest amount of apartment sales in a single day single day sales of the fastest, the most visited real estate opening. In terms of investment, since this year, Suning Investment Group Holdings International Investment Milan, Nubia, eight day online and many other projects, build a system of industrial layout for Suning Internet retail development. In terms of literary creation, the Soviet Union and the performance of its programs in the field of cultural O2O comprehensive layout. It is reported that the Soviet Union has created a set of hardware + content + application + service, the whole industry ecosystem. This year, the acquisition of Italy football giants international Milan, so Suning in the layout of the sports industry caused concern. The day of the evening, Cui Longzhu, head of the football club of Suning football club, star Teixeira, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on and so on. Su Ning said that as the current Suning’s youngest industrial group, Suning sports business covers domestic and international club operations

21Foreign media Samsung is such a loss of Note7 recall to a minimum|Foreign media Samsung is such a loss of Note7 recall to a minimum8

Foreign media: Samsung is such a Note7 loss to the lowest recall Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, in early September of this year, because the Note 7 battery fire explosion risk, Samsung Electronics announced in the global recall of this flagship mobile phone. After more than a month, Samsung has held internal meetings, employees at the expense of their holidays, and the team all day long 24 hours devoted to tracking social media trends, to find out whether there is a fire new occurrence, try to bring this crisis caused a loss to a minimum. Samsung’s most serious crisis in the history of Samsung, said most of the fire prone Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled in major markets, such as the United States and South korea. However, regardless of the SamSung of South Korea’s largest listed company or the Department in charge of Samsung mobile high Dong (Koh Dong-jin), troubles are far from over. Gaodong town about a year before taking office last month, the GalaxyNote 7 battery fire explosion incident apologized to the public. Samsung hopes to get rid of the crisis hit again on Wednesday. According to reports, just replaced the new model on the same day in the United States began to smoke on a plane, prompting regulators to launch a new round of investigation. In addition, as one of the world’s most radical hedge fund, Elliott Management also continues to put pressure on Samsung, require the company to split, and dividends to shareholders of $27 billion. In Note 7 released in August this year on the eve of high Dong told other company executives, he is a very lucky person in charge: the world’s largest intelligent mobile phone business, and soon after, the Samsung has reversed the two consecutive years of revenue and market share fell in decline. However, due to the international airlines to disable Note 7 on the Internet, users of Samsung mockery and deal with the matter of criticism, Gaodong town now under tremendous pressure. Because of this crisis, Samsung’s market value has evaporated nearly $16 billion. Samsung, who declined to be named, said insiders, this is the most serious crisis in the history of the company suffered. "It directly affects our products, brands and consumers’ trust in us," he said." Department executives did not blame each other Samsung said in an interview with Reuters, the company does not consider the management to adjust or restructuring, but focus on the replacement of Note 7 matters. According to informed sources, Gaodong town must make Samsung mobile phone sales recovery momentum, only in this way, the Samsung fourth quarter results is not too bleak, while ensuring that the market share is not eroded by apple and other competitors. Another Samsung, who also declined to be named, said: "if the crisis can not be resolved quickly, then everyone is a loser." He also revealed that high Dong and other executives did not blame each other, shirk responsibility. Note 7 TV ad was broadcast last week in South Korea, while Samsung also in October to buy Note 7 users to provide additional incentives. David, chief marketing officer of Samsung Europe, · (Davi)